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Tuningworx Lithium High Performance Replacement Batteries - Welcome to the new age in Lithium performance LiFePo4 batteries!! Perfect for your race or road car!

Energy storage in a lithium battery is safe; ultra-lightweight; 1/10th the weight of a lead-acid batteries, longer life span, higher resting voltage, higher cranking voltage/amps; cleaner, no gassing, and environmentally greener than lead-acid.

Avantages of the Tuningworx Performance LiFePo4 Lithium Car Battery:

Dry cell, no acid, no gassing

BMS optional



Direct drop in replacement

Compatible with all 12V - 15V charging systems and alternators

Flat discharge curve

2000+ discharge cycles

Higher average voltage

Safe, non volatile 

Environmentally friendly

5 - 10 year usable life span

replaces lead at 1/10th the weight

Available as:

380 CCA 9Ah 1kg 135 X 75 X 133mm aluminium terminal - $349 + $15 freight

550 CCA 12Ah 1.4kg 160 X 90 X 165mm aluminium terminal - $399 + $15 freight

Motorsport Aluminium mounting brackets - $89

All batteries come with a 24 month warranty – except for complete discharge situations. An optional voltage balancer is available for monitoring battery levels and charging at low voltages - includes balance and charger connector.

Note: it is not recommended these batteries be jump started while the battery is connected. Optional rapid disconnect couplings are available. Battery operating temperature is -45deg C to 90deg C 

To order your Lithiumax battery, Click Here 

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