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​Available for MY01-MY11 WRX, STI and Forester in single or twin-scroll turbocharger configurations - pricing is $799 for stainless or $899 ceramic coated. To order Click Here
​After conducting comprehensive dyno, road and emissions testing, Tuningworx has developed and patented the Tuningworx 'Weapons-Grade' performance down-pipe.
The Tuningworx 'Weapons-Grade' down-pipe:
  • Is made from the highest quality materials, the mandrel bent pipe work and catalytic converter housing are made from 304 stainless and optionally coated in white ceramic, heat resistant HPC material both inside and out, ensuring critical gas temperatures are channeled out of the engine bay area as well as ensuring gas speed and momentum through the down-pipe.
  • Uses a US made Catco 200 cell precious metal substrate 708cfm catalytic converter - emissions tested and compliant when coupled with a secondary catalytic converter of similar quality in the factory location - or can be used as a single cat system if emissions compliance is not a concern (or both with 2nd mid-pipe). If used as a single cat system, the Tuningworx 'Weapons-Grade' downpipe has superior performance potential when compared to other single cat systems, however gives you the benefit of emissions compliance capability (See attached dyno graphs).
  • ​Is gas-flow optimised to ensure the smoothest vortical (vortex) flow possible from turbine exit to primary catalytic converter, with all turbulence generating elements removed from the primary turbine gas-flow, ensuring optimal gas-flow velocity is maintained.
  • ​Waste-gate gases are channeled into the primary catalytic converter's gas distribution chamber at the flaring, being the optimal location possible anywhere in the system for minimising turbine gas-flow disruption.
  • AF sensor input bung also located at the primary catalytic converters distribution chamber flaring, enabling the AF sensor to be angled at 45 degrees from the primary gas-flow.
  • Designed to be retrofitted to any aftermarket or factory exhaust system. Optimised for either 3 inch or 2.5 inch pipe-work, however 4 inch systems can also be adapted - these Weapons-Grade units are manufactured on our behalf by Hitech Mufflers. Single scroll units availble in long form which will bolt directly to your Hitech exhaust system.
​The optional high quality white HPC ceramic coated finish ensures exhaust gas temperatures are maintained within the down-pipe and through the primary catalytic converter, optimising catalysation and minimising under bonnet temperatures, especially around the critical top-mounted intercooler area, leading to a reduction in intercooler heat-soak and increased performance. The Tuningworx WG down-pipe also comes with a conditional 10 year guarantee.
​A patented Motorsport catless Weapons-Grade downpipe is also available to be used in a catless motorsport exhaust system or as a single cat system. Please refer to the motorsport page for details here
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