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For Stage 3 Subaru WRX or Forester Upgrade Kit - Click Here

Stage 3 Impreza STI High Performance Tuningworx T203/T204/T205 Turbo Conversion

The Stage 3 Tuningworx 2002 to 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI T203/T204/T205 'twin scroll' turbo conversion is a complete performance upgrade solution for your STI Impreza. The conversion takes your standard STI output to a level higher than the awesome limited edition S203,S204 & R205 STI Imprezas. What that means is smooth tractable power available from low rpm punch through to a strong top end. The system will do no less than transform your STI into an easy to use everyday supercar with 0-100kph times in the mid 4 second region. In the package we include the following:

1) Spec C JDM IHI VF36 'Twin-Scroll' Ball-Bearing Turbocharger (02-05 2.0l) or GTpumps 'Tuningworx' Twin-Scroll Turbocharger (06-11 2.5l).

2) T203/T204/T205 (based on S203/S204 & R205) ECU remap with additional enhancements (up to 1.6 bar boost pressure at peak for 2.0l & 1.3bar for 2.5l).

3) Japanese made highest quality tuned length stainless steel engine (header) pipes and twin up pipes (to turbo).

4) High grade 304 Stainless steel 3inch into 2.5 inch exhaust system from turbo to exit incorporating the benchmark Weapons-Grade down-pipe & high flow catalytic converter.

5) Cosworth Engineering anti-surge oil sump baffle.

6) Silicon turbocharger intake pipe.

7) Spec C low profile sump (02-05 STI).

8) 3-port boost solenoid.

9) Spec C turbo mounting bracket.

10) SG Motorsports CNC machined billet aluminium air-oil-separator.

11) Cosworth Engineering panel air filter.

12) Fitted and tested including 2 x exclusive Tuningworx T203, T204 or T205 front grille and rear boot-lid badges + 1 Tuningworx Stage 3 bootlid badge.

The T203/T204/T205 kit is supplied with before and after dyno graphs with output on finished conversion approximately 220KW ATW (on 98 Octane) up from the standard cars 165KW ATW (55KW increase ATW). This along with similar gains in torque of approximtely 25% across the entire rev range.

If you want the best 'no-nonsense' bang for your buck STI upgrade, this is it - as the team at STI originally specified for the ultimate Imprezas, the S203, S204 & R205.

To enquire contact us here - for orders please include details on your STI model along with your preferred fitting dates by clicking here.

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