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ECU UPGRADES for SUBARU by TUNINGWORX - PRICE $950 inc GST & Installation

The Tuningworx range of Subaru ECU upgrades has been carefully developed specifically for your Subaru. Covering a range of Turbocharged Subaru

vehicles from MY01 to current models of Impreza, Forester, Liberty and STI.

These ECU upgrades enhance driveability by improving throttle response and mid range torque. Target boost pressure levels are optimised and

both fuel and ignition timing maps are matched to the untapped performance characteristics of your engine. Tuningworx ECU upgrades include the latest technology in enhancing Active Valve Control System AVCS, Electronic Throttle Control ETC and SI Drive mapping changes. These not only increase the volumetric efficiency of your vehicle producing significant gains in output, but also reduce your carbon footprint by reducing fuel consumption in both the urban and ultra urban cycles found in tight city driving.

Each and every Tuningworx ECU upgrade include a comprehensive learning cycle which allows the ECU to achieve its target learnt values quickly, meaning you feel the changes to your vehicle immediately while it continues to learn how you drive and adapts to your unique driving style.

Tuningworx ECU upgrades offer gains in both driveability and performance as well as efficiency for your Subaru, safely and with no impact on your factory warranty.

Tuningworx offers a 12 month warranty* on all ECU upgrades.

To enquire or order click here - for orders please advise us on your Subaru model, location & preferred installation date.

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