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LITHIUMAX LITHIUM LIFEPO4 RACE AND ROAD CAR BATTERIES - These ultra-light LifePo4 performance batteries use the latest LiFePo4 battery technology and are far superior to any previous battery technology, available through Lithiumax at very reasonable prices. Available from 300CCA (0.8kg) for motorcycles, powersports and 4 cylinder cars up to 1.3 litres through to 1200CCA (8.3kg) batteries for 6 cylinder, V8, V10 and V12 on-road and off-road applications. Click logo for details: 




TUNINGWORX 'WEAPONS-GRADE' DOWN-PIPE (DUMP PIPE) - Designed to optimise your Turbocharged Subarus performance in either single or twin scroll turbo form, the Tuningworx 'weapons-grade' down-pipe has been carefully engineered and manufactured to deliver the maximum power possible for your turbocharged Subaru, while providing a means for remaining emissions compliant . For details on the Tuningworx 'Weapons-Grade' down-pipe go to:


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