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Higher Performance


After months of design and testing, Tuningworx in conjunction with Hi-tech Mufflers have developed the Weapons-Grade Down-Pipe for turbocharged Impreza and Forester models. These new down-pipe designs dramatically improve performance over the standard system while remaining emissions compliant. This is a unique solution that ensures your turbocharged Impreza or Forester is delivering maximum performance while remaining legal.
For details on the patented new Tuningworx Weapons-Grade Down-Pipe, available for both single scroll standard turbos and twin-scroll turbochargers go to: Tuningworx Weapons-Grade Down-Pipe.



Tuningworx are pleased to announce they have secured distribution rights for the Asia Pacific region for SG Motorsports products, based in the USA. The first of these products to be made available is the SG Motorsports Air-Oil-Separator which can be seen here. This product takes the design of the AOS to another level, enabling owners of Subarus to minimise the oil usually found in the inlet tract of turbocharged Subarus and safely redirect that oil back into the sump via the oil filler hose. Tuningworx is proud to be associated with this new and ground-breaking performance product.


Tuningworx is currently developing its new turbocharger down-pipe design incorporating a high-flow, quality US made catalytic converter. The focus with this patent pending design is to ensure the 'optimum' gas-flow from the turbine, unimpeded by wastegate flows and AF sensors. This new Tuningworx 'weapons-grade' down(dump)-pipe is the absolute pinnacle in efficient down-pipe design, ensuring that your Subaru remains both legal in terms of EPA emissions regulations but also environmentally sound, without any detrimental effects on performance. The new Tuningworx 'weapons-grade' down-pipe will be available for pre-order as of the 1st of September 2010.


Tuningworx has released its 2008-2011 Subaru Impreza WRX & STI Performance Tuning Packages - Details of these exciting new performance upgrades can be found on the product pages - Developed with the R205 in mind, these STi & T205 kits offer the best quality upgrades available on the market at the price - harnessing the exhaustive research & development process these best of breed STI versions have undergone.


Tuningworx is pleased to anounce the launch of its Stage 3 T203/T204 Subaru Impreza WRX & STI Performance Tuning Packages. Designed with the driving enthusiast in mind, these Stage 3 kits bring owners of 03-07 WRXs better than STI engine performance and STI owners access to performance some 15% better again than the legendary S203 and S204 STI versions upon which these performance enhancement kits are based.


Tuningworx releases it new Stage 2 Subaru Impreza STI T203/T204 Performance Tuning package, taking the 2003-2007 WRX & STI a considerable step closer to the incredible S203 and S204 STI versions. Details of this package which builds on the Stage 1 T203/T204 WRX & STI kit can be found on the product pages.


The team at Tuningworx is embarking on an exciting new venture to bring you the very best possible solutions for your sports performance motor vehicle - a new package has been released in the Subaru Impreza WRX & STI Stage 1 performance tuning kit - see the product page for details


Tuningworx business launches and is currently developing and testing its first sports performance tuning package expected to be released in March 2010

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