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Tuningworx are now importing and distributing Lithiumax LifePo4 Lithium Ultra-Light Performance Batteries. They are available in a range of capacities and sizes. These batteries are incredibly light and powerful and able to be used both in racing for motorsport applications or in performance road vehicles. Details of the Lithiumax range of batteries can be found in the Product section of this website or by going to
​After Team Tuningworx had a significant incident during Supaloc Targa Adelaide in treacherous conditions, the Team Tuningworx STI underwent a complete ground up rebuild. The Tarmac spec STI is now completed and is running e85 bio-ethanol. The next event earmarked for Team Tuningworx is Targa High Country in November 2013. Pictures from the rebuild can be seen in the Motorsport section of this website.
The Tuningworx 2004 JDM STI Tarmac Rally Car is completing the end of its development, reaching minimum allowable weight and in the process of receiving an e85 tune. In the 2 shakedown events the vehicle competed in being Targa High Country and Targa Wrest Point, the car performed very well, with development netting 1.2 seconds per kilometre improvement between events with a best 5th outright stage result. The next event for the 2004 STI will be the new Supaloc Targa Adelaide event from the 22nd to the 26th of August. For details visit - Development updates on the Tuningworx Tarmac Rally car will be posted in the Motorsport section shortly - hope to see you in Adelaide!​
Tuningworx is currently developing a 2004 JDM WRX STi to compete in the Australian Targa Championship along with team sponsor, iRoom Asia Pacific. This twin-scroll turbocharged 2.0l with DCCD has been designed as an outright contender in the series. Utilising the best components and engineering along with a tested and proven set-up programme, the Tuningworx entered STi running regular 98 pump fuel, should be competing at the pointy end of the field. The first event for the Tuningworx STi will be Targa High Country in alpine Victoria on the 5th and 6th of November 2011.
Tuningworx are proud to release their new patented Weapons-Grade Motorsport down-pipe for both single and twin-scroll turbochargers. This revolutionary new design ensure optimum gas-flow and performance without peer in both stainless steel and stainless steel, ceramic coated variants. This new design seperates the waste-gate gas-flow and 'blends' it with the primary flow in a manner that ensures no destructive turbulance. Units available and shipping now. See product pages for details.
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